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Real estate management

Our service

Modern technical building solutions improve cost and energy efficiency of new and renovated buildings. Our technical building solutions are always designed to meet customer’s specific needs to upgrade the quality of the property.

We offer our full expertise in technical building systems and project management from the project phase to commissioning. Our solutions can also be expanded to include maintenance services with an energy guarantee.

The Enerz reward model is mainly based on the actual cost savings of the customer’s properties. We share the financial risk with property owners because our reward is based on realised energy savings.

Energy efficiency service

We offer our customer a better indoor climate and higher energy efficiency. Turnkey delivery from engineering to the execution of investments and finance.

We specialise in modernising restaurants, hotels, offices, industrial buildings and shopping centres.
New efficient technology, smart digital solutions and real-time monitoring system improve the profits of property owners and increase the value of their properties.

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Real-time monitoring

Carbon footprint reduced
188250 kgCO2
Cost Savings
Total savings after 04.12.2020

Energy wastage monitoring and resolution

By combining innovative big-data technology and skilled consultants, our solution will offer continuous monitor data from your building and analyse it to highlight anomalies and identify poor performance that may be costing you money. Through our solution, we will filter urgent and important problems from the noise and, most importantly, recommend practical and manageable solutions your business can implement.

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Step-by-step process

1. Target
During the target visit, we will make a comprehensive energy efficiency survey of the building.
2. Investment
Next, we calculate how much the work costs and give the customer a project proposal and an investment plan that includes ROI, payback period and estimation of the decreased CO2 emissions.
3. Project
During the project, we ensure that the customer will get the best possible result.
4. After the project
We provide real-time building monitoring so that the customer can follow the energy consumption, cost savings and indoor air quality.

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Client testimonials

Nico Salmela, Head of Baltic Real Estates, Hesburger
It can be hard to know the right price level without proper expertise and there might be also big differences in the quality of the equipment. Therefore, we decided to rely on an outside expert and choose Enerz. With their help, we were able to get a top-quality system along with significant cost savings. We were really satisfied and can recommend Enerz’s professional service.