By combining innovative big-data technology and skilled consultants, our solution will offer continuous monitor data from your building and analyse it to highlight anomalies and identify poor performance that may be costing you money. Through our solution, we will filter urgent and important problems from the noise and, most importantly, recommend practical and manageable solutions your business can implement.

Receive detailed energy reports and recommendations. Reports are always planned according to our client’s needs.

We offer to our customer:

  • Real-time monitoring of buildings operative expenses
  • Monthly/quarterly report of your building’s consumption and operative costs
  • Monthly teleconference with an expert to drill into energy savings opportunities
  • Access to skilled consultants to identify problems and recommend solutions
  • Competitive tendering for maintenance services every year
  • Ensuring the quality of the maintenance/service work
We want to act as an impartial actor between the property owner and the maintenance company.